Estate Administration

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20th Jul 2015

Are you facing the challenge of administering an estate or managing a trust? These tasks carry significant legal responsibilities, and they can pose many complex challenges.

At Eyitayo Dada Law Firm, we can help. Our law firm provides a complete range of probate and trust administration advice and services. We are committed to helping our clients perform their duties and avoid any legal or financial complications.

Offering a variety of Estate Administration Services, our lawyers are committed to:
• Advising executors, trustees and guardians regarding their duties and obligations
• Obtaining probate (Certificate of Appointment with or without a will)
• Assisting estate trustees (executors) and trustees in all aspects of their duties
• Assisting trustees and guardians with their accounting obligations, including the passing of their estate accounts
• Reporting to beneficiaries as required and liaising with other advisers such as accountants and tax advisers
• Counselling individuals and charities on their rights as beneficiaries of an estate or trust
• Representing executors, guardians, trustees or beneficiaries in litigation, if necessary
• Efficient and Cost-Effective Estate and Trust Services

Our estate administration lawyers are experienced and practical. We recognize that each case is special and that the solution will be affected by the unique dynamics of your family. We will provide you with the tools and guidance you need to properly, confidently and efficiently manage the estate or trust.

We are committed to explaining the process and timelines, as well as the obligations of being an executor or trustee. We will help you keep and maintain financial records so that you can properly account for your actions as required by law. Eyitayo Dada Law Firm can also help you report to and deal with the beneficiaries and any government agency, such as the Office of the Children’s Lawyer or the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee.

As a fiduciary, you will be entrusted with important responsibilities that are fraught with issues and problems, Eyitayo Dada Law Firm will provide advice and guidance to ensure that your interests are defended and protected.

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