Notarization is a process of certifying that the facts described in a person’s signed documents are true. The document can then be certified to be valid and accurate. Eyitayo Dada Law Office offers Notary Public services to authenticate your documents. We have a wide range of services which include:

• Notarization of Estate related Documents: power of attorney’s, property assignments, guarantee letters, trust deeds, documents related to inheritance of estate, disclaimers, inheritance rights, and contract and agreements

• Notarization of Identity related documents: Birth certificates, Death certificates, marital status Declarations, Guardianship declarations, adoption of children and Academic and professional qualification certificates.

• Notarization of foreign visit and immigration related documents: Immigrant visa, passport, and other documents required for immigration.

• Notarization of Finance related documents: Affidavit of financial support, Documents for insurance claim, proof of loss declaration, Pension, Old age security payments.

• Notarization of Official /Government related documents: Authentication of Canadian government Official signature and seals on documents, Affidavit of photocopy to prove consistency between duplicate and original documents and between the translation and original version.

Any other notarization matter can be undertaken upon request and keeping in mind the international practices.