At Eyitayo F. Dada Law Professional Corporation, we offer consultation at our office to assist you with your current legal problems and a minimal fee afterwards.

Purpose of Consultation
• For you to get information from the lawyer as to the nature of the legal problem as we see it and whether a lawyer is important or necessary to assist you in sorting this out and how a lawyer may assist.
• For you to meet with the lawyer and firm that may be representing you if you hire us, and to understand how the hiring arrangement would work.
• The lawyer may make some factual inquiries, but this is intended to be limited. That type of process involves more time, reviewing all of the possible relevant factors, researching law, and putting it into writing. Thus, we can only do an overview in a consultation, and provide general and limited advice.

The Law Society of Canada, and the rules applying to lawyers, urges that there be a complete written contract between the law firm and the client.

To request a consultation, send your an email or call us today at (416)-417-2664.