real esWe can help with the many issues and concerns that arise when buying, selling or mortgaging real estate in Ontario, whether it is residential, investment, recreational or commercial property. For many of us, buying a property is the most expensive and important decision we will ever make.

Real Estate services include:
•Residential Real Estate
•Reviewing Builder’s Purchase & Sale Agreements
•Reviewing Residential Purchase & Sale Agreements
•Drafting Residential Purchase & Sale Agreements

It is important to understand your rights and obligations.
•When buying or selling a property consider carefully the terms of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale.
•Read the forms carefully as you will be bound by the terms in the Agreement.
•Get legal advice prior to signing if you are unsure of any terms or conditions.

It is important to plan.
•Do not forget to allow for “extras” when purchasing a property.
•These include legal fees, Land Transfer Tax, insurance, adjustments to the purchase price for realty taxes, title insurance, property insurance, and other miscellaneous items. These often amount to several thousand dollars.

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